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The section contains gifts, household and tableware serving. Design from our laboratory with unique colors and textures for gifts that stand out. Set of plates, bowls, salad bowls, saucers, coasters and ashtrays. New designs are in section 2015 and from previous years, to - 2014.


How we make them.

The miniatures are presenting below, manufactured by our laboratory. The glasses are Murano type , most of the companies, Effetre Moretti and CiM. This type is Soft glassme COE 104, rarely we use Borosilicate Glass with 33 COE. All types comes in form of glass rods with 6 mm -12 mm in diameter and for formulated to the require shape need a temperature around 900th C. With the aid of simple tools and manipulations suitably formed into the desired shape. The colors are applied one by one, work that requires great precision. The construction of similar objects, not all as easy and depends on the shape of the object and the experience of the technician. The experience, the construction time and the purchase of raw materials are the factors that make this objects such unique and valuable.

Murano glass beads


Beads Murano.

Crystal handmade glass beads from Murano. Made of glass rods which are melted at a temperature over 900 ° C degrees, and by manipulating we formed its shape.

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