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Candle Lights

Collection of Candle lights

Presentation of our collection with candle lights of different types and colors. In the photographs presented decorated and ready for use. If you wish to decorate yourself with a chain and decorations of your choice, we can supply only the crystals. All crystals are shaped and colored to appropriate temperatures to the colors so they are unalterable and do not affected by chemicals or by scraping from sponges and abrasive cleaners.

Decorative Mirrors


Decoration mirrors.

Mirrors with decorative motifs for use in any room. A little taste of projects and types of mirrors you will find in the following photos. The decoration is made by various techniques and can be, allround, in only two of their sides, or attached to the mirror's surface, etc.




Pictures frames

Table pictures frames

Typical examples of table photo frame. The back is typically plastic and the front is Fused glass decorated by various techniques and colors.

Wall clocks

Wall clocks.

Presentation of  wall clocks construction at our laboratory. Made by Fusing technique so the colors are unalterable over time and to all chemicals clean up materials. The colors and the decoration can be modified to suit any space and environment.



Deco Crosses

Decorative crosses.

Presentation decorative or usuful crosses, in different sizes and styles. Large sizes adorn the walls, shrines, smaller form for decoration hanging lamp-holder oil and ornaments in corresponding objects. They can become jewelry or item for favors and martyrdom for baptism.

Lucky Charms

Hanging ornaments - Lucky for various celebrations

Presentation of the collection of hanging ornaments and charms. The collection, like other sections, are updated frequently with new compositions. The ornaments can be used for everyday or festive decor. Apart from the major festivals such as Christmas and New Year, with proper composition can stand in several decorative solutions for every spasce room. More of them are ready-tied with different elements,that follow our personal choice, but they may be decorate from you if you get only the glass pieces individually.



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