Museums and galleries for glass art

Corning Museum of Glass. With headquarters in New York. It is for us that most current and vivid museums on the glass. On the website there are information on all sychgronous creators of glas,s in all techniques, eg. Blown glass, with a torch, Stained glass, glass painting and sculpture. Precious is the channel on YouTube  video from many artists showing their technique in live.

Artfulhomehas a large collection of decorative items from knowning authors.

RIFFKIND ART GLASS Gallery with works by various artists.

Momkasglass   A Website Galleries with knowning artists.


The flowmagazine   One of the most popular magazines with articles about artists and techniques around the decorative glass.

Workshops and artistic glass makers.

Kiva Ford  Works with glass tube constructions for chemical laboratories and leading creators miniatour.,with magic fingers when handling glass tubes at burners. Watch the video to see him at work.

Mangobeads Studio in Great Britain, a classical art-glass. Makes beads, pendants, e.t.c.

Benvenuto  Laboratory in Italy, creates most in Fused glass and he has a lot of installed projects in prestigious shops and hotels throughout Europe.

Kristina Logan  Kristina Logan American creator of jewelery and small objects with the technique of torch. Unique style and Original work.

Paul Stankard - Beauty Beyond Nature
Video with a small biography and creations of one of the most important Italian artists. The site is here: representations of flowers creates is fascinating.

 Vittorio Costantini Italian artist in the art of torch with representations of the natural world in miniature.

 KimFields American creator who loves the representations of birds, butterflies with the technique of torch.

Philip Stokes Australian artist of blowing glass with work that impresses us at least.


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