Renovation at 2 Apartments


In these renovations we were able to help with our participation in several places. Objects that are constructed:
Interior doors Decoration. Lamps, sconces and ceiling. Spacers spaces. Shelves. Handles with special construction technique Lampwork (imitation marine pebbles) and mirrors at the bathrooms.Construction of a desktop kitchen bench.

The following pictures are a small sample of the construction.



Decoration of interior door

Presentation of one of the two doors manufactured. The show has a marine theme after owner’s decision..
petraldoulapiDecoration of a showcase

Glass doors in showcase. Subject of the vegetable world in free lines.

Prototypes and special handles are designed to be combined with the issue in crystals.

 petralmirroraBathroom's mirror
Bathroom Mirror with frame Glass Fused with geometric designs in Hellenistic pattern.


Knobflowerbs petralpomola petraldoors petralmirrorb knobotsallo