KafeAn1sThe Facts.
The store functioned oriented in evening hours, so morning traffic is zero. The objective that was given to us was to change the style of the space to attract further visitors in all day hours for their coffee. At the same time requested the intervention approach to be modern and juvenile style.
The first contact related to the study on the color pallet. Upon completion of the proposal for the colors and having now won the trust of the owners we conducted a market study and a proposal for the furniture, lighting, changing the bar and subtasks to unify the space in the new style.
Work schedule.
After surveying the space-room we finalize our proposal for the colors. Then we conducted market research for fixtures, furniture, bar coating and subtasks (maintenance exterior wooden doors- toilets-minor work-changes in machinery and furniture). Finalized proposals and after consultation with the owner became the final study, the work was awarded to workshops and programming markets with inexpensive and view its owner.
Given that the shops had to be functional, all the works had to finish at a short time and that was three days.
The end result is a space to be forthwith different from the pre-existing. Considerations left for you and the owner. We want to believe that the crucial goal - more traffic - will be achieved.