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The six major categories that exist in this section contain most of the items we produce. Photos of Lighting and Jewelry are below their respective titles. Under the title Celebrations you will find decorative items for Christening and wedding ceremonies. At Gifts are many outfit home, at Miniatures there are hand made gifts by Murrano crystal (made by a blowtorch - technical Lampwork ) and finally under the heading Ornaments are many photos of creations that can decorate any space, such as mirrors, picture frames, handles for windows, partitions and many others.

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Special Associates Working for us is a CASE and not need. Often we are hosting…


Museums and galleries for glass art Corning Museum…

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Retail stores. Our retail outlets, offer products characterized by quality and prototype objects. There are…


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Design Cooperation with architects concerning our participation at…

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The techniques of Glass Specifications for ways that we can shape the objects that exist…

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History of glass

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