A. Zoulias

Since 1991 steeped in place of glass. My experiences acquired from cooperation with companies, wholesale - glass processing - mainly construction materials glass in relation to metals and other materials - deco and art glass.
This enables us to respond to small or large structures, from simple to complex surface such as openings with doors,glass stairs - crystal floors - shower - decoration and lighting commercial premises and special constructions of mixed materials.
For five years I was involved in the import of raw materials (glasses - machinery) in artistic glass workshops with the company SILVET A. ZOULIAS & CO Ltd and conveyed knowledge and new processing methods and techniques FUSING VITRO (VITRAUX).
In recent years more and more like a hobby I dealt with Lampworking - glass processing at high temperatures outside oven for making small items. Often items with this technique mixed with Fusing and Stained thus forming a personal style.
The knowledge acquired, apart from experience, partnerships and special Literature seminars in Greece and abroad -Germany - Italy, Florence e.t.c.

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